Story of setup and Style of food

SALT Kitchen & Lounge is a restaurant driven to create its own very expression of exquisite Mediterranean cuisine. We spend hours on end meticulously sourcing the finest fresh local ingredients with their own unique hallmark of quality whilst staying abreast of refined European gastronomy. Only then can we craft an array of food interpretations to delight our valued patrons over and over again.

In fact, flavour and quality, are the two components we are maniacal about. With this in mind, we developed a progressive interpretation of food that we share with our guests, through the dishes being served.

It will come as no surprise that our obsessions revolve around quality distinction and sensations of flavour.  If it is going to be plated for our patrons, the dish must first impress us.

Nicky and Isaac set up SALT in 2015 after Isaac had the desire to leave the Hilton to start proposing his own idea of food. Having worked in several areas of the catering world, Nicky was the ideal partner. His entrepreneurial and social skills complement Isaac’s creativity and attention to detail.

The year was 2015 when Nicky sensed that Isaac was ready to do his own thing after having gained priceless first-hand experience in the dynamic kitchen of The Hilton Malta (under the expert guidance of Executive Chef Joe Vella). The two teamed up their own specific proficiencies, their sharp acumen and most of all their mutual drive to excel to set about making a difference in the culinary scene of our islands.

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Himalayan Salt

Salt is probably best known for its ability to lift flavour of food as well as for being utilised as a natural way of preserving food.

Yet, salt plays other roles in the food we eat. It as an essential nutrient, it provides texture and it also enhances colour.

It is also an essential nutrient, it provides texture and it also enhances colour.

Natural Pink Himalayan salt is packed with essential minerals. It is classified as rock salt and comes from mines that are 5,000 feet deep. These treasures are found in the Punjab region of Pakistan, about 190 miles from the Himalayas and would have been subjected to tremendous pressure over millions of years. This Himalayan condiment is said to be over 99 percent pure.

It is a pleasure for us to transport this phenomenal ingredient into our dishes at SALT.

This is no ordinary Salt.