Fresh Fish

A chef can only be as good as his ingredients let him be. It’s not only a matter of training and experience. It’s also a matter of having the right contacts and a keen eye to know a good fish when you see one. Chef Isaac has both. And then he knows exactly what to […]

Vegan Ravioli

The earthiness of this dish is striking. We start with Vegan Ravioli and dress them in a sauce of wild mushroom and tartufo, I.G.P Piedmont hazelnuts, vegetable nage, green asparagus and local cherry tomatoes. It’s our tribute to what Mother Earth provides. Make your own experience of SALT – Kitchen & Lounge. Our reservations book […]

Special – Lamb Samosas

Lamb samosas have been on our wish-list for a while now, so here they are as part of our specials offering – it’s really that contrast of crusty wrapper trapping in the moist lamb morsels which really tickles our fancy, hoping it will have the same effect on you! First the initial crunch, quickly followed […]

Jazz Night

Jazz Night by John Cutajar and Clyde Cachia on Friday 20th July supported by Nicky and Isaac at SALT – Kitchen & Lounge. Book your table, enjoy our à la carte menu and SALT – Kitchen & Lounge will contribute a part of the tab towards missionary work by a Mellieha youth group called Eighteen+ […]

Summer at SALT – Kitchen and Lounge

In summer, it is customary for hordes to flock towards crowded seaside al fresco eateries in scorching days or balmy nights. It is wise however for diners to reserve a table in airconditioned indulgence pampered by Nicky in the classy hush of a spacious dining area at SALT – Kitchen & Lounge. Fun does not […]

Damilano – Barbera D’Asti

How many times has Nicky heard clients preferring not to drink red wine in the heat of summer. And they could be very right, unless of course, the wine is expertly selected and served at the right temperature. A nice cool bottle of Damilano – Barbera d’Asti could be your discovery this summer. Ask Nicky, […]

In House Beef Stock

Kitchens have many trade secrets. Any kitchen does. Some you learn from early influences, others from school, many from one’s own experience. Isaac’s ‘humble’ beef broth has all of that; it started at home and evolved into one of his most important ingredients. Looks may deceive, taste buds don’t! Make your own experience of SALT […]

Corn Fed Chicken – Two Ways

May we suggest our corn-fed chicken – two ways for dinner. It does have a curious name and we can sit here and try to explain what it means – or else, you can try it yourself and find out why it is twice as delicious as you’d expect! Make your own experience of SALT […]

Specials – Lobster Linguine

Linguine – little tongues in Italian. Yours will be the ones wanting to lick the glaze off the plate presenting you with our Lobster Linguine; those same ones which will be spreading the news on what pasta paradise really tastes like! It’s a Special one, but you knew that already didn’t you! Make your own […]

Grab A Drink At The Bar

After a long and tiring day, let’s try to stretch our moment of relaxation to last as long as possible. SALT – Kitchen & Lounge can do just that. Make plans to turn up a bit early for your reservation or linger a bit longer after dessert. Sink into nicely padded settees at arm’s length […]

In-House Cantucci and Cassata Siciliana Ice Cream

Introducing a new dessert on our menu! Rigorously Italian in-house cantucci, served with specially selected Cassata Siciliana ice cream, brought together by a home-grown Maltese chef… or should we say ‘magician’? Make your own experience of SALT – Kitchen & Lounge. Our reservations book is open 24/7 on #SALTKitchenLounge #restaurant #malta #bugibba #food #drink […]